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Press this point for TMJ and facial tension

TMJ stands for temporomandibular joint, but “TMJ” has become a catch-all term for jaw pain that can radiate throughout the face, head, and ear. This kind of TMJ often is a result of excessive muscular strain rather than an issue with the actual joint.

Stomach 6 is a great point for alleviating tension in the jaw, face, and neck caused by teeth grinding, nail biting, or holding ourselves in stressed-out tense postures.

“Without realizing it, we often hold tension in our face and jaw when we’re stressed,” says acupuncturist Marisa Fanelli. “Stomach 6 dissolves all the pent-up strain in the face muscles.”

Stomach 6 is located at the center of your masseter muscle, the prominent muscle that’s just above your lower jaw bone. This point can be tender, especially if you hold a lot of tension in your face or grind your teeth.

Go easy and apply firm pressure for 1-2 minutes. If your pain is on one side, press on that side. If you suffer from more generalized jaw or face pain, press on both sides.