Project Description

Press this point for physical and emotional “stuckness,” tension, menstrual cramps

Stuckness in acupuncture is referred to as stagnation, and stagnation can cause a whole host of problems.

Menstrual cramps, abdominal distention, headaches, tight neck and shoulders, vision problems, shortness of breath, low back pain, insomnia, impatience, stress, anxiety… The list goes on. From an acupuncture perspective, all of these things can be caused by stagnation.

For stagnation-related symptoms, Liver 3 is a go-to point. It will get things moving.

John Pirog, in his book The Practical Application of Meridian Style Acupuncture, says Liver 3 is “probably the most important point for stagnation of the inner body.”

Liver 3 is located between the first and second toes. Poke around the point area until you discover a tender spot. Liver 3, if pressed firmly enough, is sensitive on most people.

Once you have the point, apply firm pressure. This should feel a little achy. The more the better on this point, so feel free to do this acupressure exercise anytime your bare feet are available. Liver 3 can be pressed on one or both sides. Start with 1-2 minute increments.