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Press this point to relieve stress

Shen men is one of the most popular acupuncture points for alleviating stress.

Many acupuncturists start treatments with Shen men to help put patients into a relaxed state before placing other needles in the body.

It’s also a popular point for ear seeds, tiny balls made of either a plant called vaccaria or metal. These seeds are attached to a small piece of tape and affixed to acupuncture points in the ear, usually at the end of an acupuncture treatment.

Shen men also is one of the five points used in the NADA protocol, an all-ear acupuncture protocol used to treat addiction and associated conditions.

Montpelier, Vermont-based Kerry Jenni, recalls using Shen men when working as an acupuncturist aboard a cruise ship.

“I was only seeing these patients for one, maybe two treatments over one to two weeks on the ship. I had to make a great first impression so the cruisers would go home and find local acupuncturists to continue their care. My go-to point was Shen men. No matter if I was treating back pain or sea sickness, when I added Shen men to my treatments, stress reduction was almost guaranteed.”

Shen men is located in the triangular fossa of the ear. If you don’t have ear seeds, you can press this point with the tip or back of a pen. Apply firm pressure on one or both sides for 1-2 minutes.