Project Description

Press this point to chill out

Yintang, a single acupuncture point located between the eyebrows, is primarily used to calm the mind. It is acupuncture’s chill pill.

Yintang is great for people who have anxiety and related symptoms, such as insomnia due to over thinking. It alleviates what’s sometimes referred to as monkey mind, the non-stop emotional treadmill on which many of us find ourselves. Unsettled, agitated, anxious about things we can’t control, mind spinning, unable to focus—that’s monkey mind. Yintang takes the edge off this kind of emotional restlessness.

Yintang is also helpful for things going on outside your head. It can be used for anything head and face-related, especially issues with the nose. People suffering from stuffiness, post-nasal drip, sinus congestion, and nosebleeds are good candidates for Yintang. The point can also help eye disorders as well as frontal headaches, dizziness, and vertigo.

For pain conditions, try pressing Yintang in combination with (although probably not at the same time as, unless you get crafty) Large Intestine 4. This will be especially helpful for pain on the head or face because Large Intestine 4 is on a meridian that travels to that region. REMEMBER: Large Intestine 4 is contraindicated during pregnancy.

For anxiety and related conditions such as insomnia and overthinking, press Yintang alone using firm pressure for 1-2 minutes. It helps to close your eyes and breathe into your abdomen while you’re pressing the point.