Project Description

Press this point for sore throat and typing pain

Feeling a sore throat coming on? Try performing acupressure on Lung 10, a point known for clearing heat symptoms from the body. Its primary indication is for throat symptoms, including sore throat, dryness in the throat, and hoarseness or voice loss.

The location of Lung 10 makes it an easy one to press any time you have two hands free—sitting in a meeting, watching TV, etc. The point is located in the middle of your thenar eminence, the bunch of muscles on your palm at the base of the thumb.

Because of Lung 10’s location, it can also help alleviate the hand and thumb pain that many people experience from too much typing on mobile devices. If you’re a thumb typer and experiencing stiffness or pain in this area, try pressing Lung 10.

Lung 10 can be pretty tender, especially on your dominant hand. Go at your own pace and apply firm pressure in 1-2 minute increments. Alternate hands to experiment with which side is more effective for you.