Project Description

Press this point for sore throat and to calm your mind

Kidney 6 is effective for a whole host of issues—literally, from head to toe—but one of its most common uses is to relieve throat issues.

Any kind of throat problem can benefit from this point—sore throat, dry or scratchy throat, swelling of the throat, difficulty swallowing, even the feeling of having a lump in your throat.

Kidney 6 resolves throat issues by bringing moisture and movement to the area. Similarly, Kidney 6 is indicated for eye problems due to dryness, including redness, itching, and blurry vision.

Probably the second most common use for Kidney 6 is to calm the mind. This is because of the Kidney system’s relationship to the Heart system.

In acupuncture, many emotional imbalances—things like anxiety, depression, nervousness, restlessness, and even insomnia due to overthinking—can be attributed to a disharmony between the Kidney and Heart systems. Sometimes this is referred to as “Heart and Kidney not communicating.”

In order for your mind to be calm and your spirit to be balanced, your Heart and Kidney systems need to be working in concert with one another. Kidney 6 is one of the go-to points on the Kidney channel for restoring balance with the Heart and alleviating emotional upset and insomnia.

Finally, Kidney 6 goes low, too. Although most of Kidney 6’s uses relate to symptoms in the upper part of the body, the point also is called upon for disturbances in the urinary, digestive, and reproductive systems.

Urinary tract infections, burning or otherwise painful urination, lower abdominal pain, constipation, menstrual-related symptoms, and infertility can all be helped by Kidney 6.

To find Kidney 6, locate the high point of your medial malleolous, the prominent bone on the inside of your ankle. Drop your finger to directly below the malleolous and you’ll feel a little dip between two tendons. That is Kidney 6. If you don’t feel the dip, try flexing your foot slightly.

Press Kidney 6 on one or both sides—if you sit cross-legged, you can get them both at the same time. Apply firm pressure for 1-2 minutes.