Project Description

Press this point to breathe deep

You know that feeling when you can’t take a full, deep breath? When you can take air in but it feels like it gets blocked somewhere around your diaphragm? Reach for acupuncture point Stomach 20.

Stomach 20 harmonizes your abdominal area. Feelings of stuck breath, shortness of breath, bloating, abdominal pain, or even vomiting can be helped by pressing this point.

Stomach 20 is located on the abdomen, about two inches lateral (toward your arm) from the midline and five inches up from your belly button. You can press it standing up or sitting, but it’s easier to find (and is more relaxing) to press this point while lying down.

Once you locate the point—you can press it on both sides simultaneously or alternate right and left—apply firm pressure for 1-2 minutes while closing your eyes and breathing into your abdomen.

This can become a great meditative practice before bed, or before a big presentation or something else you’re nervous about. It’s amazing how much taking a deep breath can help!