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Press this point for red, itchy eyes

Do your spring allergies include red, itchy eyes? The kind that burn and can even feel a little bit swollen? If so, you should get to know acupressure point Liver 2.

In acupuncture, each sense has a corresponding organ system. The system associated with sight is Liver, so points along the Liver channel are often chosen for eye-related issues. Liver 2 specifically, because it’s the fire point on the channel, is indicated for red, swollen, burning, and itchy eyes—the kind we see a lot of with springtime allergies.

Liver 2 is located about a half inch up from the web between your big and second toes. It’s pretty easy to access this point by hand. Try squeezing the area by holding onto the top and bottom of your foot—thumb pressing Liver 2 and your middle finger pushing against the pad of your foot. Firm pressure is important on this point. Press for 1-2 minute increments daily during allergy season, and as needed as symptoms come up.