Project Description

Press this point for night sweats and genital issues

Kidney 2 is indicated for what’s known in acupuncture as deficient heat, and one of the most common signs of deficient heat is night sweating. If you find yourself waking up with wet sheets or clothing, try making acupressure on Kidney 2 part of your before-bed routine.

This point is also known to resolve issues of the lower abdomen, so things like genital itching and pain can benefit from Kidney 2. It can also help with irregular menstruation and infertility in women, and seminal or nocturnal emission in men.

Kidney 2 is located on the inside of the foot, roughly halfway between the ball of the foot and the heel. It is found distal to (toward the toes) and below the navicular tuberosity, which is the prominent bone located about one inch diagonally below (in the direction of the toes) the high point of the medial malleolous.

This point can be very tender on some people. Go at your own pace and apply firm pressure in 1-2 minute increments while breathing steadily. As you hold the point and breathe, usually the tenderness will back off. Try increasing the pressure as you continue to press.