Project Description

Press this point for insomnia

Anmian is a go-to point for insomnia.

To find Amnian, feel behind your ear for a prominent bone. You’re looking for your mastoid process. It’s pretty easy to find the mastoid process because it’s the only bone that juts out slightly behind the ear. Your neck muscles attach to this bone. You might feel some slight tenderness at the edge of your mastoid process.

Once you find the mastoid process, go slightly behind it. That’s where Anmian is located. There’s another acupuncture point in very close proximity to Anmian, Gall Bladder 12. Some texts also indicate Gall Bladder 12 for insomnia, so it’s okay if you get that one too. But Anmian is really the winner for insomnia, so if you’re doing it and it’s not helping, try going slightly back and up from where you are.

Since lying down in bed is the best place to try Anmian, try taking a hands-behind-the-head position and using your thumbs to press Anmian on both sides. Apply firm pressure for 1-2 minutes while taking some deep breaths. If you work at a computer all day, Anmian, because it’s so close to the neck-muscle attachment area, can be a great way to ease neck and shoulder tension before bed.