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Press this point for hip pain

Got hip pain? Reach for Gall Bladder 30.

Peter Deadman in his definitive A Manual of Acupuncture, says Gall Bladder 30 is “unrivaled in importance for the treatment of disorders of the hip joint and buttock, whether due to traumatic injury, painful obstruction, stagnation of qi or deficiency.”

To find Gall Bladder 30, put on a pair of jeans and locate the center of the back pocket on the side you’re having pain. The point is usually found smack in the middle of the pocket.
Depending on how your jeans fall, you may need to adjust. Technically, the point is found by dividing the distance between the sacrum and greater trochanter into thirds. Gall Bladder 30 is located one-third from the trochanter, so closer to the side of your leg than to your sacrum.

Sometimes the easiest way to locate the point is to feel around for some slight tenderness. Once you find that, press. Most people say they know it when they feel it. Gall Bladder 30 can be surprisingly tender once you start pressing.

You can press this point yourself, or, if you feel comfortable, have someone else do it for you. Because the gluteal muscles are relatively large, you may need to use firm pressure and press fairly deep.

If you’re accessing the point on your own, a tennis or lacrosse ball can help. Place the ball on the ground and then lower your body onto it, trying to align Gall Bladder 30 with the ball. Try out various levels of pressure until you find what feels right for you.