Project Description

Press this point for headaches

Bladder 67 is the very last point on the Bladder channel, the longest channel in the body. The channel starts at the inner eye and ends at the pinky toe. Bladder 67’s primary use is for problems at the opposite end of the Bladder channel: Headaches.

Try Bladder 67 for all kinds of headaches—occipital headaches, temporal headaches, vertex headaches, ocular headaches, sinus headaches, hangover headaches, you name it. It can also be effective for heaviness in the head and nasal congestion.

Bladder 67 is located on your pinky toe, at the lower lateral corner of your nail. The point is found right where your nail gives way to skin, so you’ll want to use your fingernail or the end of a closed pen to access it.

Apply firm pressure for 1-2 minutes at a time. If you can get into a comfortable cross-legged position, you can try pressing both sides at the same time. Otherwise, start with the toe on the side of your headache pain.