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Press this point for headaches and hangovers

Gall Bladder 8 is a go-to acupuncture point for headaches, especially one-sided headaches, including those that show up after a night of too much alcohol. It is actually technically indicated for alcohol intoxication, so give it a try!

The most common use for Gall Bladder 8, though, is straight up, one-sided headaches. The point also has a stress-reducing effect, which makes it especially effective for tension headaches that come on as a result of feeling tense or stressed out.

“Gall Bladder 8 reduces stress and opens up the mind,” says Los Angeles acupuncturist Sarah Nargiso. “When under stress, we’re unable to think clearly, which further perpetuates the stressed-out, overwhelmed, and out-of-control feeling. Gall Bladder 8 can be sensitive when you apply significant pressure, but it’s really effective when you’re feeling over loaded.”

So try it out next time you have a one-sided headache—alcohol-induced or otherwise. To find Gall Bladder 8, locate the highest point on your ear and go up about one inch. Often this spot is a little tender. Apply firm pressure on the side that you have the headache for 1-2 minute spurts.