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Press this point for fever, mouth sores, and emotional upset

In acupuncture, Pericardium 8 is used to clear heat. This means it can be used for fever, mouth and tongue sores, bad breath, and even cardiac pain—these are all signs of heat in the body.

Heat from an acupuncture perspective can also manifest as emotional symptoms, including anxiety, mania, uncontrollable laughter, or intense fear. Pericardium 8 a great point to press if you’re feeling worked up and anxious.

Keith Garofalo, an acupuncturist in Racine, Wisconsin, recommends Pericardium 8 to alleviate stress and related conditions because of its relationship to the Liver system.

“In the system of meridian-style acupuncture, the Pericardium channel is paired with the Liver channel, so pressing this point will balance the Liver channel and the Liver organ itself,” says Garofalo. “This is important because most stress patterns, from an acupuncture perspective, involve the Liver.”

Here’s how to find it: Technically, Pericardium 8 is located between the second and third metacarpal bones on the inside of your hand. But there’s a much easier way to remember it. Make a fist, and Pericardium 8 is located where the tip of your middle finger touches your palm.

Press this point with the thumb of your opposite hand. Try it out on both sides and see which one produces better results. Apply firm pressure for 1-2 minutes.