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Press this point to reduce fever and boost immunity

Acupuncture point Large Intestine 11 is a go-to point in Chinese medicine for reducing fevers.

In addition, the point is called upon for many other symptoms that, from an acupuncture perspective, stem from excessive heat in the body—sore throat, red and itchy eyes, rashes, hypertension, excessive thirst, toothaches, and some headaches.

For heat-related symptoms that occur in the lower body, Large Intestine 11 usually is combined with points on other meridians that transverse the legs.

For example, Large Intestine 11, along with one or more points along the Spleen channel, is used to address heavy menstrual bleeding, typically considered a heat sign. For constipation due to heat and dryness, Large Intestine 11 might be combined with Stomach 36.

Large Intestine 11 is an easy one to find. It’s located at the lateral (thumb side) edge of your elbow crease. Apply firm pressure using your thumb or index finger for one minute. If you cross your arms and use your index finger, you can usually reach Large Intestine 11 on both arms at the same time!