Project Description

Press this point if you’re feeling faint or tongue tied

The primary indication for acupuncture point Pericardium 9 is to revive consciousness. If you’re with someone who faints, or if you’re feeling lightheaded yourself, this is a good point to press.

Pericardium 9, because of its relationship to the Heart system, is also used for issues related to the tongue and speech.

There are five sensory organs in acupuncture, each associated with an organ system. The tongue is associated with the Heart. And the Heart system governs our ability to connect with the world around us. As the organ system that relates most directly to spirit, the Heart system controls our sense of self-awareness, of understanding our role in a given situation and acting accordingly. As this relates to speech, the Heart allows us to choose the right words and deliver them in an appropriate way. It allows us to connect through dialog.

The Pericardium has a direct relationship with the Heart, and Pericardium 9 is known as the most powerful point for affecting Heart-related tongue and speech problems. You might experience this as a stiffening of the tongue, pain at the root of the tongue, or just that frustrating feeling of not being able to access the right words.

Pericardium 9 is located in the center of the tip of your middle finger. To really get at the point, try using your fingernail or the tip of a closed pen. This point should be pressed firmly, especially when being used to revive consciousness. Hold for at least 1-2 minutes.