Project Description

Press this point to boost energy

Governing Vessel 20, located on the top of the head, is the meeting point of all of the body’s Yang energy.

Yang in acupuncture theory represents the energetic, extroverted aspects of a person. Yang is hot, bright, loud, firm, expanding, excessive, robust. It is the relative opposite of all things Yin—the cold, dark, quiet, contracting aspects.

Someone who has too much Yang may feel warm when other people are comfortable or even chilly. He may feel agitated and irritable, or suffer from insomnia and/or experience nightmares. He may be constipated, crave cold drinks and appear red in the face. Someone with too little Yang would have the opposite presentation. He may feel constantly cold and even experience chills. He tends toward loose stools and profuse, clear urine. Feeling physically fatigued or emotionally drained is also common.

Most commonly, Governing Vessel 20 is used for people with too little Yang—people who need a boost.

Governing Vessel 20 is often used when people say they feel “out of it” or unable to concentrate. The point helps stimulate and sharpen mental faculties, making you more alert and present. (When I was in acupuncture school, we always tapped on our Governing Vessel 20s before big exams.)

Governing Vessel 20 also is useful for people who suffer from depression. It raises emotional energy.

It also helps raise things physically—Governing Vessel 20 is used to treat cases of rectal or uterine prolapse.

To find it, place a finger at the top of each ear and follow an imaginary line upward. Governing Vessel 20 is located where your two fingers converge. It may be tender in this spot, so apply pressure that’s comfortable for you.

Start with 1-2 minute bursts. Visualize yourself being literally pulled up, straightened, from the top of the head.