Project Description

Press this point for urination issues, edema, and abdominal distention

Spleen 9 is all about water regulation.

Its most common uses are urinary incontinence and painful urination, and abdominal distention and pain. It’s also used for edema, which is when excess water collects in the body tissues, commonly in the legs and feet. Diarrhea and seminal emission are other common reasons acupuncturists reach for this point.

All of these conditions, from an acupuncture perspective, are related to how water is regulating throughout the body. The Spleen channel in general is often used for resolving issues related to dampness—and Spleen 9 specifically is the water point on the channel, so it’s the true go-to for water-related issues.

To find Spleen 9, run your finger (I use my thumb on the hand opposite to the leg I’m pressing) along the inner border of the tibia bone until you hit a depression below the tibia condyle.

This point can be very tender, so be gentle when performing acupressure. Press firmly for 1-2 minutes, alternating sides.