Project Description

Press this point for ear pain and infections, and tinnitus

Triple Heater 21 is a go-to point for ear pain, ear infections, and tinnitus (ringing in the ears).

Sinus pressure commonly leads to discomfort in the ears, so if you’re someone who deals with seasonal allergies, it’s good to get acquainted with Triple Heater 21.

The point is helpful as well if you have kids, who often suffer from ear aches and infections. It’s safe to apply gentle pressure to Triple Heater 21 on children of all ages.

Triple Heater 21 is located in front of the tragus, the small flap on the outside of your ear. Here’s a trick for finding the exact point location: Place your finger in front of your ear, like in the photo, then open and close your mouth. When the mouth is open, you’ll feel a depression. That’s where the point is located.

Triple Heater 21 can be very tender, especially on people who have acute ear pain or an infection. Slowly apply firm pressure and hold for 1-2 minutes while breathing steadily.