Project Description

Press this point for ear and jaw pain

Triple Heater 17 is a great point for all kinds of ear issues, including ear aches and infections, itching in the ears, tinnitus, and difficulty hearing. It’s also indicated for jaw pain and lower toothaches. If you’re a teeth grinder who suffers from TMJ, this is a good point to try.

Triple Heater 17 is located behind the ear lobe, in the depression just above the transverse process of the first cervical vertebrae. I know that sounds confusing, but just go behind your earlobe and feel for the dip. You’ll know it when you find it because it’s often really tender.

Start by pressing the point on the side you’re having pain, but you can also press both sides at the same time. Try holding the sides of your head with your hands and using your thumbs to press Triple Heater 17 on both sides. Ease into the pressure if it’s tender, then hold for 1-2 minutes. You should feel an opening in your ears and jaw, and even back of the head and neck.