Project Description

Press this point for cough and shortness of breath

Do you have a nagging cough? Feeling congested in the chest? Asthma making you short of breath? Lung 9 is a great point for relieving a cough and facilitating breathing.

Lung 9 located on the thumb-side edge of your wrist, at about the level of your wrist crease.

The official way to find the point is to find your pisiform bone on the opposite side of your wrist crease—this is the bone that dips down slightly on the pinky-side edge of your wrist. Find the bottom of the pisiform bone and then draw a line across to the opposite side of your wrist. Lung 9 is level with the lower border of the pisiform bone, between your radial artery and the tendon at the very thumb-side edge of your wrist.

Lung 9 is a conveniently located point, easy to access anytime you feel symptoms coming on. Apply firm pressure to Lung 9 while trying to focus your breathing on the point. Sometimes concentrating your breath on the point can help distract you from the tightness or discomfort you’re experience in the chest. Press for 1-2 minutes several times a day, or as needed when symptoms arise.