Project Description

Press this point for chest, breast, and side discomfort

Gall Bladder 41 is an important point for helping your Liver qi flow freely. When your Liver qi is constrained, feelings of fullness or pain can show up in the chest and torso, and in the breasts. It can feel like “stuckness” in these areas.

Press Gall Bladder 41 if you feel full in the chest or along the sides of your ribcage. Sometimes this feeling can create shortness of breath or make it difficult to take a deep, cleansing breath.

Gall Bladder 41 is also good if you have pain or distention of the breasts. Acupuncturists often choose this point if their patients complain of breast tenderness around the time of their period.

Finally, because Gall Bladder 41 is located on the Gall Bladder meridian, which traverses the side of the body, from the outer edge of the eye to the toes, it’s helpful for cases of one-side pain. If you have one-sided headaches or hip pain, press Gall Bladder 41 on the side you’re experiencing the pain.

To find the point, pull your pinky toe out slightly. This will help expose your extensor digitorum longus tendon. Gall Bladder 41 is located just lateral (toward the pinky-edge of your foot) to this tendon. If you run your finger from the web between your fourth toe and pinky up toward your ankle, you’ll hit a little depression between your fourth and fifth metatarsal bones just as you pass over the tendon. That’s Gall Bladder 41.

You can press this point on both sides, or if your pain is one-sided just on the side that hurts. Hold firmly for 1-2 minutes while concentrating your breath on the area.