Project Description

Press this point to calm the mind

Governing Vessel 24 is an easily accessible point for calming the mind and reducing stress. If your stress comes with frontal headaches and eye pain—common in people who work at computers all day—it’s an especially good point to know.

“Governing Vessel 24 has a close relationship to the brain and the heart,” says Diane Lowry, an acupuncturist in Glen Allen, Virginia. “When it is stimulated, it produces a profound sense of calmness.”

Governing Vessel 24 is located in the center of the head, about a half inch behind the hairline. If your hairline is receding, you can find this point by going about five inches forward from Governing Vessel 20.

Press Governing Vessel 24 with firm pressure for 1-2 minutes at least once a day, or as needed when you’re feeling stressed. Close your eyes and take some deep breaths into your abdomen as you press the point.