Project Description

Press this point for bloating and constipation

Triple Heater 6 (also referred to as Sanjiao 6) is a go-to point for bloating and constipation. Interestingly, it’s also a popular point for voice loss, and tinnitus and deafness.

The Triple Heater, or Sanjiao, in Chinese medicine refers to the body being divided into three parts—upper heater is the area above the diaphragm, middle heater is the area between the diaphragm and the belly button, and the lower heater refers to the area below the belly button. Of the 23 points on the Triple Heater meridian, Triple Heater 6 is considered the most powerful point for moving qi and clearing heat throughout all three heaters.

Triple Heater 6 is located on the back of the wrist, approximately three inches up from the wrist crease. Apply pressure for a minute or two, alternating sides, until you feel relief.