Project Description

Press this point for arm pain and anxiety

Heart 3 is a great local point for arm or elbow pain, especially golfer’s elbow because it affects the inside of the elbow. The Heart meridian travels from the arm pit down the inside of the arm to the pinky, so any pain or numbness along this channel can be helped by Heart 3.

The point is also used in acupuncture to calm the spirit, making Heart 3 a good choice if you’re experiencing anxiety, depression, stress, or feelings of overwhelm.

Heart 3 is located at the inside edge—the edge closet to your body when your palms are turned up—of your elbow crease. Your elbow crease can move around a bit depending on the position of your arm, so find the end of your elbow crease when your arm is flexed, like in the picture.

This point can be a little tender to the touch, so be gentle when applying acupressure. I find that using the opposite thumb is the best way to press this point. Press for 1-2 minutes on the side you’re having pain, or for anxiety, alternate sides starting with the left.