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Press these points for anxiety and stress

Four for one!

The Heart system in acupuncture is known for its role in our emotional health. Treatments for things like anxiety, stress, depression, nervousness, insomnia due to over thinking, etc. often involve points along the Heart meridian.

There is a series of points along the wrist part of the Heart meridian—Heart 4, 5, 6, and 7—that are all indicated for anxiety. In acupuncture, all four points are used to “calm the spirit.”

Acupuncturists usually have their favorite of the four that they choose for needling, but when performing acupressure, since the points are so close together, it’s good to know the whole area.

Try starting at Heart 4 and using your thumb to rub downward along the channel, ending at Heart 7. Heart 7 is found in the depression just beneath the pisiform bone at your wrist, so you will naturally stop at the point if you’re applying enough pressure.

These points are easy to access whenever you have two hands free, so it’s a great area to massage next time you’re feeling anxious in a meeting, on a plane or bus, or before bed.

Massage in that downward motion continuously for 1-2 minute increments. Sometimes the area, particularly around Heart 7, can be a little tender or nervy feeling, so ease up if it becomes uncomfortable.