Denise Cicuto
Denise CicutoAcupuncturist
Denise Cicuto is an acupuncturist and Chinese herbalist, specializing in women’s health and immunity. She has a private practice with offices in San Francisco and Alameda, California. In addition to her work for AcuTake, Denise writes for Acupuncture Today, offering practical advice to new acupuncturists.
Ginna Ellis
Ginna EllisAcupuncturist
Ginna Ellis is a licensed acupuncturist and the owner of Boulder Acusport, a sports-focused acupuncture practice in Boulder, Colorado. Her treatment style blends trigger point and motor point therapy with traditional acupuncture and she specializes in treating running injuries. Ginna’s goal is always to get her clients back to doing what they love, immediately.
Laura Drago
Laura DragoAcupuncturist
A born Midwesterner, Los Angeles-based acupuncturist Laura Drago was raised with a gift for practical straight-talk, which has informed her path into the secrets of ancient and modern medicine. She believes that healing starts in the treatment room but is sustained through what we learn during the process and how we incorporate that knowledge.
Marisa Fanelli
Marisa FanelliAcupuncturist
Marisa Fanelli owns Healing Point Therapeutics in Wayland, MA. She is known for her unique hybrid treatments of acupuncture and hypnotherapy, which she calls “hypnoacupuncture.” When she’s not wielding needles, Marisa writes about her adventures in acupuncture on her blog.
Eric Kerr
Eric KerrAcupuncturist
Eric Kerr is an alternative-medicine practitioner in San Francisco. He believes that everyone should experience the benefits of acupuncture and Chinese medicine. He offers a practical, no-nonsense approach to healing and strives to make acupuncture relevant for living in the modern world.
Tom Williams
Tom WilliamsAcupuncturist
Tom Williams founded Turning Point Center in Eugene, OR in 1987, one of Oregon’s oldest and largest acupuncture clinics. Named one of Eugene Magazine‘s “Top Doctors,” he collaborates with specialists in pain management, rehabilitation medicine, orthopedics, and neurology to provide quality, integrative healthcare.
Stephanie Worth
Stephanie WorthAcupuncturist
Stephanie Worth is a licensed acupuncturist at Acupuncture Northwest in Portland, Oregon. Her goal in practice is to help patients improve their quality of life by getting lasting results, as well as teach patients the benefits of acupuncture and Chinese medicine in a way that is practical and applicable to their lives.
Ka Hang Leoungk
Ka Hang LeoungkAcupuncturist
Ka Hang Leoungk discovered a passion for writing through helping others understand acupuncture and Chinese medicine. She takes a step back from the traditional concepts and explains the medicine in a fun and easy-to-grasp way. Hong Kong-born and Greek-raised, Ka Hang currently practices acupuncture in London. She blogs at The Happy Acupuncturist.
Tara Akuna
Tara AkunaAcupuncturist
Tara Akuna is a licensed acupuncturist and food and nutrition writer. She is the creator of Yin Yang Diet, which offers recipes and weekly diet plans based on Chinese medical dietary therapy. She lives and practices in Vancouver, British Columbia.

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