Musician Kristin Hersh Returns from Bipolar

By Sara Calabro Kristin Hersh is the founder, lead singer and guitarist for the popular 1980s rock band Throwing Muses. In addition to her continued work with Throwing Muses, Hersh performs with her other band, 50FOOTWAVE, and as a solo artist. Her latest album, Crooked, is available as a book, CD and app. She also is the author of Rat Girl, a memoir released last year that chronicles the early stages of Hersh’s 20-year battle with bipolar disorder. After two decades of trying everything from lithium to vitamins to exercise to just succumbing to her symptoms, Hersh had nearly given up on hopes of becoming well. Then she found acupuncture.

March 1st, 2011|Interviews, Specific conditions|35 Comments

Documentary Grows Awareness

By Sara Calabro 9000 Needles is bringing acupuncture to the masses. The documentary—it follows Devin Dearth, a 40-year-old former bodybuilder, to China, where he is treated with acupuncture after suffering a massive stroke—made a splash at several of this year's film festivals, including the Gotham Independent Film Awards, where it

December 14th, 2010|Interviews|3 Comments

Community Model Improves Access

By Sara Calabro Back in 2006, John Weeks, editor of The Integrator Blog, called the community acupuncture model "one of the most exciting recent developments in the business of integrated care." His conclusion was based on discussions with Lisa Rohleder, founder of Working Class Acupuncture in Portland, OR, and author

November 16th, 2010|Interviews|9 Comments

Cross-Cultural Fluency

By Sara Calabro Medical anthropologist and world-religions scholar Linda Barnes directs the Boston Healing Landscape Project, an initiative that seeks to transform medical practice through educating the biomedical community about culturally diverse and religiously based approaches to healing. Barnes is an associate professor in the family medicine and pediatrics department

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Pain Diagnosis Speaks to Docs

By Sara Calabro Yoshito Mukaino wanted to talk shop with his colleagues. But the physician acupuncturist, in trying to discuss with fellow medical doctors how acupuncture alleviates pain, found himself without common language. Thus came the M-test, a diagnostic tool that's easily explainable to mainstream clinicians. The M-test identifies from

July 1st, 2010|Interviews|2 Comments

Acupuncture Enhances IVF

By Sara Calabro Over Memorial Day weekend, singer Céline Dion became the best-known member of a fast-growing club: women who use acupuncture to improve their chances of having a baby. As research and success stories accumulate in its favor, infertility acupuncture is becoming an increasingly popular specialty. AcuTake recently spoke with one

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