20 Ways Acupuncture Can Help You Get The Most Out Of 2020

By Sara Calabro A walk through nature. An afternoon nap. A hot cup of tea. No matter what we have going on in our lives, 2020 can be a year full of beauty if we choose to notice it. However, when we’re feeling unwell, either physically or emotionally, it’s easy to lose sight of the little things that add up to a lot. Acupuncture is one of the best tools out there for helping you notice special moments so that you can get the most out of life. If you’ve been meaning to try acupuncture, or if you’re an experienced acupuncture goer who has fallen out of practice, make 2020 the year it becomes a priority.

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5 Reasons Busy People Should Make Time for Acupuncture

By Sara Calabro Acupuncture often slips by the people who need it most. When our schedules are already jam-packed, it’s hard to carve out time for another appointment. But the busier you are, the more important self-care becomes. Stress, even the good kind that motivates us to meet goals, takes a toll on our physical and emotional health. Acupuncture can help keep you healthy when the going gets busy. Here are five reasons acupuncture always deserves a slot on your calendar.

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Acupuncture: Coming to a Shopping Center Near You

By Sara Calabro When Matt Hale learned about the results people were getting from acupuncture, his business instinct kicked in. As a founding member of the management team at The Joint Chiropractic, a network of more than 370 chiropractic franchise locations, Hale knows a thing or two about bringing wellness to the masses. In acupuncture, he saw an opportunity to enter what he considers to be an underserved market. Hale, along with co-founder Stephen Gubernick, a chiropractor who’s certified in acupuncture, recently launched Modern Acupuncture, the first acupuncture franchise. Modern Acupuncture clinics will offer 30-minute community-style treatments by licensed acupuncturists. Walk-ins are welcome for $59, but the better deal is the $69 monthly membership, which gets you two sessions a month and a discount on any additional sessions. The first Modern Acupuncture clinic is now open in Scottsdale, Arizona, and the company is projecting 150 locations by 2020. I caught up with Hale about the creation of Modern Acupuncture, how it differs from the current acupuncture model, and his vision for improving access to acupuncture.

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12 Summer Self-Care Tips from Acupuncturists

By Sara Calabro Summer is in full swing! From an acupuncture perspective, seasonal changes are a big deal, since humans are viewed as microcosms of the natural world that surrounds them. Weather and time of year can factor significantly into how we feel, both physically and emotionally. To help you navigate the shift, we asked acupuncturists to share some self-care tips for staying happy and healthy in summertime. Here’s what they had to say.

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Do You Want Acupuncture But Hate Needles?

By Sara Calabro Most people, when they hear about the benefits of acupuncture, find themselves thinking, “That would be so good for me!” Less stress, more energy, better sleep and digestion… Who doesn’t want that? But for many people, there’s one thing holding them back from enjoying the benefits of acupuncture: They’re scared of needles. There’s a spectrum of needle fears, ranging from downright needle phobic to being moderately concerned about the whole voluntarily-being-stuck-with-needles thing. Regardless, fear of needles is the number-one reason people pass on acupuncture.

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Find Out How One Acupuncturist Beats Cold and Flu Season

By Jacqueline Gabardy It’s the season for getting sick. And it seems to be hitting everyone but me. Friends, family, and most of my patients are complaining of symptoms, from colds and stomach flus to fevers and sinus infections. Although I interact with many sick people this time of year, I don’t get sick myself. I can’t thank the flu shot—I’ve never had one. Multivitamins nor antibacterial gels are keeping me healthy—I don’t use either of these things. My trick to surviving cold and flu season unscathed is actually much simpler. I use tried-and-true methods that have worked for generations. Here are eight of my go-to routines for staying healthy throughout cold and flu season.

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Are Trigger Points Affecting Your Athletic Performance?

By Ginna Ellis Trigger points cause real problems for athletes. Not only are trigger points exquisitely painful, but they also affect movement. Trigger points inhibit range of motion by keeping muscles short and stiff. They also weaken muscles, causing them to tire quickly and recover slowly. They produce excessive muscle contraction that can partially disarticulate joints or cause nerve entrapment. That’s the bad news: Trigger points can seriously inhibit athletic performance. The good news? Acupuncture can help. So can self-care (see tips at the end of this article!).

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Acupuncture Goes High Tech

By Sara Calabro In the ongoing debate over whether and how acupuncture works, detractors lean heavily on the claim that you can’t actually see qi and therefore it must not be real. That’s no longer true. AcuGraph, an imaging technology made by Miridia Acupuncture Technology, measures electrical skin resistance at acupuncture points to determine how well electricity, or qi, is flowing through the body. Based on those measurements, the AcuGraph software identifies potential patterns of disharmony and generates treatment recommendations to help correct the imbalances. I recently met with Miridia’s founder and the inventor of AcuGraph, Adrian Larsen, to see AcuGraph with my own eyes. I was impressed.

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5 Common Running Injuries and How Acupuncture Can Help

By Ginna Ellis Acupuncture and running are a well-suited pair. Whether you’re a casual runner or a qualifying entrant in Monday’s Boston Marathon, acupuncture can help you stay on top of your running game. From knee and hip pain to plantar fasciitis and fatigue, many ailments suffered by runners can be helped by acupuncture. Here is how acupuncture addresses the 5 most common causes of running injuries.

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Why Are You Doing That Point? Gall Bladder 30

By Sara Calabro This edition of Why Are You Doing That Point?, an ongoing series that explains popular acupuncture points, is about Gall Bladder 30, a key point used in treatments for hip and leg pain. Gall Bladder 30—also known as Huantiao (Chinese name), Jumping Circle (English translation) and GB30 (acupuncturist lingo)—is located between your sacrum and greater trochanter. In normal-speak, Gall Bladder 30 is usually found smack in the middle of your jeans back pocket (see picture below).

Have You Heard of Gua Sha?

By Denise Cicuto It’s not all about needles. Gua sha is one of several non-needle tools in an acupuncturist’s arsenal. It’s often used in combination with needles, but gua sha is a therapy in its own right. Gua sha is an East-Asian technique of scraping or stroking the skin using a device made of metal, bone, or horn. The scraping can be done on various parts of the body, and most often it’s done on the back and neck. Here are answers to some commons questions about gua sha.

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15 Ways to Incorporate Acupuncture Into Your Life in 2015

By Sara Calabro What are your hopes for 2015? Want to feel healthier? Eat better? Get in shape? Try new things? Have better relationships? Me too! And I’m planning on using acupuncture to achieve all of it! Not literally. I’m not going to go for an acupuncture treatment and walk out with glowing skin, a six pack, and resolved childhood issues. But, I am going to allow the tenets of acupuncture to influence my attitude and actions so that I can live optimally in 2015. In the same way we talk about practicing yoga or practicing meditation, you can practice acupuncture. You can use the theories of acupuncture to help guide the decisions you make every day that ultimately determine your physical and emotional health. Here are 15 ways you can incorporate acupuncture into your life—and soar to new heights—in 2015.

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