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A previous acupuncture success story, about an advertising professional suffering from tight hips, recently found its way around Twitter. It got me thinking that we should revisit the success-stories series.

Deidre, of Cambridge, Massachusetts, sought acupuncture for something many people are struggling with this time of year: seasonal allergies. Here’s her story.

Age: 34
Location: Cambridge, MA
Acupuncturist: Practitioners at Acupuncture Together

What initially brought you to acupuncture?

I was looking for a solution to my horrible seasonal allergies and debilitating menstrual cramps after finding that Western medicine could offer more medications but not more relief.

Did your first experience with acupuncture line up with your expectations?

I went in with very few expectations. I didn’t know a lot, but I was open minded. I was surprised at how little I felt the needles, but also at how much I felt the energy flow to the areas being treated. I was surprised at how quickly I fell asleep in the chair—and that I fell asleep at all! I have some metal sensitivity, so the one unpleasant surprise was that I got itchy at the needle sites. But I have found with continued treatments, that seems to subside.

How has acupuncture helped you resolve the symptoms that initially brought you in the door?

My allergy symptoms, while not eliminated, have been lessened. The fatigue and headaches that are often secondary symptoms are much less. When allergy season begins, I know that if I go to acupuncture a few times a week, I can avoid the worst of it. My menstrual pain has lessened, and the secondary fatigue has as well.

What other benefits or side effects have you noticed from your acupuncture treatments?

Better sleep! And I think probably better digestion as well.

How has acupuncture helped you view your physical or emotional health differently?

Acupuncture was a first step toward a less medication-dependent life. Not that I don’t take medicine when I need it, but I don’t just reach for over-the-counter pills right away for every pain or symptom anymore.

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Photo by Sara Calabro

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