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Video: Acupressure for Low Back Pain

Got low back pain? Join the club. Back pain, and especially low back pain, is one of the most common reasons people come to acupuncture.

Low back pain can be a symptom of many different underlying patterns. As such, there are a variety of acupuncture approaches to treating low back pain. However, there are a few acupuncture points that are used consistently for low back pain—points that acupuncturists, regardless of their training and orientation, keep coming back to again and again.

Below, AcuTake contributor Eric Kerr explains three of these points. Applying pressure to these three points can help alleviate low back pain in between acupuncture visits.

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[…] There are also hundreds of empirical acupuncture points located on the extremities, many of which have been used for centuries to effectively relieve pain. For example, a point on the lower leg, Stomach 38, is a go-to point for frozen shoulder. One that’s located on the hand, between the thumb and index finger, can work wonders for low back pain. […]

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