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Find an Acupuncturist Who Speaks Your Language

By Sara Calabro

Have you been meaning to try acupuncture but don’t know where to go? Given it a whirl but didn’t vibe with the acupuncturist? Recently moved someplace new and want a little needle love? Wondering whether any acupuncturist can help what you’ve got? Looking for someone who “gets” you?

Now there’s one place where all of these scenarios end in solutions. AcuTake has created a first-in-class acupuncturist directory that connects you with the acupuncturist who’s right for you. Not just anyone. You.

The AcuTake Acupuncturist Directory presents information about acupuncturists that cannot be found anywhere else. It is the next best thing to having a one-on-one conversation with an acupuncturist before committing to an appointment.

How Is This Different from Other Acupuncturist Directories?

Acupuncture teaches us that health is a process—an ongoing journey rather than a one-shot, quick-fix deal. With this perspective on health becoming more prevalent, we’re empowered, in control, and feeling rightfully picky about who we invite along on our journeys.

When looking for an acupuncturist, we crave more than the laundry list of facts and accomplishments that dominates other acupuncturist directories. We want information that we can relate to.

The AcuTake Acupuncturist Directory has all the practical stuff—location, price range, specialty, treatment style—but the centerpiece of each directory profile is a series of thought-provoking questions.

All acupuncturists in the directory share their unique stories. They talk about why they became acupuncturists, what makes them different, why they love their work, and how they stay healthy in their own lives. They even debunk common misconceptions about acupuncture.

Not all acupuncturists are created equal. The AcuTake Acupuncturist Directory helps you understand who an acupuncturist really is, as a professional and a person, so that you can make fully informed decisions about who to involve in your health process.

Help Grow the Directory, Improve Acupuncture Access

The big-picture vision for the AcuTake Acupuncturist Directory is that it becomes the place where people connect through acupuncture.

AcuTake has sparked demand for this—readers come to us all the time asking for acupuncturist recommendations. The directory puts the power of connection directly into the hands of those who want acupuncture and those who give it.

For now, the directory is brand spanking new. It is an evolving, collaborative effort that we hope you’ll help grow to the point where any person who wants acupuncture can easily access it, from someone who speaks their language.

Here are some ways you can help grow the AcuTake Acupuncturist Directory:

Acupuncture seekers

Talk. If the directory does not produce a suitable match for your needs, let us know. We are constantly working to include acupuncturist representation in as many places and price ranges, and for as many conditions and style preferences, as possible. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, that can help direct our outreach efforts. Please email us at

Contented acupuncture goers

Refer. If you already have an acupuncturist who you love, please encourage him or her to join the directory. It is open to acupuncturists of all styles, specialties and prices, and from all corners of the world. If your acupuncturist is as great as you think he or she is, there’s a good chance that many other people in your community will feel the same way.


Join. This directory can only come to fruition if acupuncturists participate. There are many benefits of joining the directory, several of which can be read about here. The AcuTake Acupuncturist Directory is a marketing strategy. It is a professional development opportunity. It is a movement. Join it.

We look forward to helping you connect through acupuncture.


Tony calabro

My acupuncturist Dr. Liu in Sarasota is excellent.

Vicky Stallsworth

Does the acupuncture itself hurt? I have frozen arm and am considering this treatment. I live in Dayton, OH, and don’t really see any acupuncturists available in my area.

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