Acupuncture in an Airstream

By Sara Calabro Airstreams are going mainstream. Foodies are flocking to them for award-winning meals. Minimalists are ditching their houses to live in them. Hip retirees are packing them up and heading cross-country. And in Durham, North Carolina, acupuncturist Christina Fish has made an Airstream the home of her acupuncture practice, Silver Current Acupuncture. Earlier this summer, Fish’s clinic was featured in an AcuTake article about acupuncture spaces. Readers, overwhelmingly, responded with comments—all favorable—about Fish’s acupuncture Airstream. We recently caught up with Fish to learn a little more about her stylish practice space.

September 10th, 2014|Interviews|2 Comments

Make Way for The Acupuncture Bus

By Sara Calabro If chefs can do it, why not acupuncturists? Boulder, Colorado-based acupuncturist Noah Goldstein, who is about to launch a food-cart-inspired acupuncture bus, believes they can. Goldstein’s Bus, currently being renovated and scheduled to open in early April, will be a self-contained, mobile acupuncture practice. The Bus will be parked at various locations around the Boulder area, helping to spread awareness and improve accessibility of acupuncture. Treatments will be offered on a sliding scale. AcuTake recently spoke with Goldstein about his idea for The Acupuncture Bus and what he hopes it can accomplish.

February 11th, 2014|Interviews|5 Comments

The Story Behind The Needles in Kim Kardashian’s Face

By Sara Calabro My Google Alerts are set up to notify me every time a mainstream media outlet mentions acupuncture. For the past two weeks, I’ve been getting pinged more often than usual. That’s because on March 24—brace yourselves—Kim Kardashian got acupuncture and Instagramed a picture of her face full of needles! Of course, no one cares about this nearly as much as the media would have us believe. However, when celebrities publicize their use of acupuncture, it generates a lot of new interest and questions about acupuncture—and that’s something we do care about. So, why did Kim Kardashian have so many needles stuck in her face?

April 9th, 2013|Interviews, Specific conditions|10 Comments

Pet Acupuncture Expert Explains Why Animals Love Needles

By Sara Calabro Before she became an acupuncturist, Becca Seitz was an expert in five languages (not including English). Upon realizing she didn’t want to spend her life as a translator, Seitz gave up Russian, German, Spanish, French and Arabic to learn the language of animals. She changed her major to pre-veterinary medicine and started volunteering at a Humane Society. She loved both, but around this time, while lying on the table at her own acupuncture appointment, her acupuncturist said, “Don’t forget about acupuncture for pets.” It was a lightbulb moment that led to Seitz choosing acupuncture school over vet school.

September 4th, 2012|Acupuncture resources, Interviews|22 Comments

Five-Time Olympian Amy Acuff Jumps for Acupuncture In More Ways Than One

By Sara Calabro Amy Acuff, a standout high jumper who is gearing up to participate in her fifth Olympics, is also an acupuncturist. She became interested in helping others with acupuncture after her own treatments helped keep her healthy while competing in such an injury-prone event. At 36—and just two years after giving birth to her daughter—Acuff is at the top of her game. She is being considered a viable competitor for gold in London after an impressive performance at the Track & Field Olympic Trials last month. Acuff balances motherhood, Olympic training and her acupuncture practice in Austin, TX. Before heading to London, she made time for a quick chat with AcuTake.

July 24th, 2012|Interviews|6 Comments

Mexican Indigenous Healing Inspires Acupuncture Project

By Sara Calabro Jeya Aerenson, an acupuncturist in Eugene, Oregon, really wanted to learn Spanish. Now, the Mexican people who helped her achieve this goal are learning from her. But rather than offering language skills, Aerenson is teaching acupuncture. In February, she's temporarily shuttering her private practice to travel to

December 13th, 2011|Interviews|8 Comments

South African Clinic Is Flying High

By Sara Calabro Ever since leaving his native country of South Africa at age 13, Gidon Levenbach has wanted to give something back. Gratitude came in the form of needles. Immediately upon graduating from acupuncture school, Levenbach began laying the groundwork for Flying Needle Project, an organization that provides acupuncture

October 25th, 2011|Interviews|10 Comments

Acupuncture for the Soul

By Sara Calabro We live in a physical world. Material goods define success. Fitness is measured in miles and pounds. Love is expressed in diamonds. Yet even the richest, fittest and most enamored among us often feel a void. The stories of our lives run deeper than meets the eye,

September 13th, 2011|Interviews|9 Comments

Stroke Expert Realizes Dream

By Sara Calabro A lot of acupuncturists were enthusiastic about the release of 9000 Needles, but perhaps none more than Atsuki Maeda. The documentary follows an American stroke victim to China, where he receives acupuncture from a team of doctors led by Shi Xue Min—Maeda’s teacher. After completing acupuncture school in Japan, Maeda participated in an exchange program that sent recent graduates to China’s renowned First Teaching Hospital of Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine. While there, he became one of the first students to get certified in Xing Nao Kai Qiao Fa (known as XNKQ), a form of stroke therapy developed by Dr. Shi. It has been Maeda’s dream ever since to expand awareness and accessibility of this powerful treatment.

June 21st, 2011|Interviews, Specific conditions|5 Comments

Musician Kristin Hersh Returns from Bipolar

By Sara Calabro Kristin Hersh is the founder, lead singer and guitarist for the popular 1980s rock band Throwing Muses. In addition to her continued work with Throwing Muses, Hersh performs with her other band, 50FOOTWAVE, and as a solo artist. Her latest album, Crooked, is available as a book, CD and app. She also is the author of Rat Girl, a memoir released last year that chronicles the early stages of Hersh’s 20-year battle with bipolar disorder. After two decades of trying everything from lithium to vitamins to exercise to just succumbing to her symptoms, Hersh had nearly given up on hopes of becoming well. Then she found acupuncture.

March 1st, 2011|Interviews, Specific conditions|35 Comments

Documentary Grows Awareness

By Sara Calabro 9000 Needles is bringing acupuncture to the masses. The documentary—it follows Devin Dearth, a 40-year-old former bodybuilder, to China, where he is treated with acupuncture after suffering a massive stroke—made a splash at several of this year's film festivals, including the Gotham Independent Film Awards, where it

December 14th, 2010|Interviews|3 Comments

Community Model Improves Access

By Sara Calabro Back in 2006, John Weeks, editor of The Integrator Blog, called the community acupuncture model "one of the most exciting recent developments in the business of integrated care." His conclusion was based on discussions with Lisa Rohleder, founder of Working Class Acupuncture in Portland, OR, and author

November 16th, 2010|Interviews|9 Comments
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