cover iconBy Sara Calabro

AcuTake is proud to announce the launch of Acupuncture Matters, the debut book by AcuTake founder Sara Calabro.

Acupuncture Matters is a guidebook to understanding once and for all how acupuncture really works—in the real world, on real people.

The book explores the various ways in which acupuncture can help us lead healthier, simpler, more meaningful lives. It is a manifesto for people who are interested in thinking more broadly about health and life.

Acupuncture Matters examines how understanding acupuncture principles opens up possibilities and inspires new perspectives. It explains why acupuncture is an effective, safe and low-cost antidote to the vicious cycle that has come to dominate mainstream healthcare.

But it’s not just about health. By teaching us to slow down and be more intentional, acupuncture provides a new lens for seeing all aspects of modern life. Acupuncture Matters looks at how acupuncture lessons can potentially improve how we approach everything from urban planning to personal finance to relationships.

Whether you’re an acupuncture giver or receiver, skeptic or supporter, Acupuncture Matters is not to be missed.

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