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Acupuncture Matters Now Available for Kindle

By Sara Calabro

AcuTake‘s new book, Acupuncture Matters, is now available as an Amazon ebook.

This means you can read it on the Kindle, as well as any other device that supports Kindle books, which is basically everything these days. It also means you can preview the opening pages of the book for free!

The Amazon version of Acupuncture Matters is bare bones compared with the original. There’s no photography or layout design, nor is it eligible for the Acupuncture Matters affiliate program.

The text, however, is in tact, the core message as important as ever: Acupuncture can help us lead healthier, simpler, more meaningful lives.

The book examines how understanding acupuncture principles opens up possibilities and inspires new perspectives on health and life. It explores the popular and highly contentious question, “how does acupuncture really work?” Acupuncture Matters has the answer. (More details here.)

Pick up your Kindle copy now. If you enjoy it, a review would be much appreciated. If you’re partial to pretty things, don’t have a Kindle or compatible device, or want to start selling the book yourself, you can always grab the original.


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