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Write for Us

AcuTake welcomes guest articles from contributing writers. Before pitching ideas, we request that you take a thorough look around the site to get a sense of what we cover. We want articles that make people think more broadly about health and life. We know that’s vague, but it’s really the only firm requirement—that, and the article must be about acupuncture.

Accepted guest articles must be written originally for AcuTake and grant one week exclusivity, after which we ask that any republications include “originally written for AcuTake” with a link to our homepage. In return, we’ll include a byline on your article with a link to your website.

Email is the best way to pitch articles. Just write a short note to introducing the general idea. If we’re interested, you will be asked to provide details on what you plan to write about.

Contributed articles typically run between 600 and 800 words. All submissions are subject to AcuTake‘s editing processes and style guidelines.

Thanks in advance for sharing your ideas. We really look forward to hearing them.