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Are you ready for a healthier, simpler, more meaningful life?

AcuTake can help you make the leap.

“How does acupuncture work?” is a popular, contentious question these days. Many people want the answer but most are looking for it in the wrong place.

You’re in the right place.

AcuTake is an online publication created to improve acupuncture education and access. Our goal is to help you understand how acupuncture really works—in the real world, on real people—so that you can use it as a tool to create the life you want.

Understanding acupuncture does not come from clinical trials. It comes from learning to make sense of acupuncture theory and hearing stories about how acupuncture changes people’s lives.

Acupuncture works by inspiring new perspectives on health and life. It helps us see the world differently—with more hope, openness, intention, gratitude, compassion, patience and clarity.

AcuTake is your guide to understanding and implementing this new world view.

When people realize the true benefits of acupuncture, they can’t help but want more of it. They demand it. This is how access to acupuncture will improve.

So why is improved access to acupuncture important?

Under the mainstream medical model—riddled with bureaucracy, over testing, pharmaceutical dependence, and rigid research practices—we are steadily growing sicker, heavier and unhappier. Acupuncture is an effective, safe and low-cost antidote to this vicious cycle because acupuncture empowers people over systems.

And it’s not just about healthcare. Acupuncture, by teaching us to let go of things that hold us back, helps us find greater fulfillment in all areas of our lives—how we make money, form relationships, eat, use technology and much more.

AcuTake does not distribute medical advice nor promote acupuncture as a panacea. AcuTake is merely a seed, an introduction of certain acupuncture-based ideas intended to help you leap forward, into a better you.

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