Why All Athletes Should Use Acupuncture

By Erika Prinz Freed NFL quarterback Matt Hasselbeck does it. So does hockey superstar Jaromir Jagr. Olympic high-jumper Amy Acuff likes it so much that she learned how to practice it herself. New York City Ballet dancers swear by it. Acupuncture is a go-to therapy for many of the world’s leading athletes—but you don’t have to be a pro to experience the benefits of acupuncture. Whether you’re a die-hard marathoner, devoted yogi, gym rat or weekend warrior, acupuncture can enhance your performance by fortifying your overall health.

February 26th, 2013|Acupuncture resources, Specific conditions|4 Comments

7 Acupuncture Side Effects That Are Normal

By Sara Calabro The most common side effects of acupuncture are things everyone wants: better sleep, more energy, mental clarity, better digestion and less stress. One or several of these side effects occur routinely for many, many acupuncture goers. Following the publication of an article on the most common side effects of acupuncture, AcuTake received multiple inquires from readers about certain unpleasant side effects of acupuncture and whether they too were common. And indeed, there are other, less pleasant side effects of acupuncture. These additional side effects are much rarer than the most common side effects of acupuncture, but they can and do occasionally happen. None are life-threatening and all typically are fleeting. Still, they are good to be aware of so that if you do experience them, you know they’re normal and nothing to be too concerned about. In my experience, the following seven side effects can occur after acupuncture. Acupuncturist readers are encouraged to chime in, in the comment section below, about other possible side effects of acupuncture.

February 19th, 2013|Acupuncture resources|97 Comments

How To Win Over Your Valentine Without Spending a Fortune

By Sara Calabro Do you really want to impress your Valentine this year? Looking for a meaningful way to express your love without breaking the bank? Then forget the flowers, chocolates and diamonds. It’s time to celebrate Valentine’s Day acupuncture style. I don’t mean go out and buy a gift certificate for acupuncture—although, if you can swing it, that’s a good idea too (find an acupuncturist here). This Valentine’s Day suggestion is completely free and a sure-fire way to win your loved one’s heart. Pay attention.

February 12th, 2013|Acupressure, Acupuncture resources|3 Comments

Relieve Headaches and More With No Drugs and Zero Effort

By Sara Calabro We’ve been talking a lot about acupressure lately. In just the past couple months, AcuTake has run articles on acupressure for the flu, acupressure for stiff muscles and joints, and acupressure for post-nasal drip. Previously, we’ve covered acupressure for hangover, acupressure for asthma, acupressure for stress reduction, acupressure for low back pain, acupressure for travel and acupressure for allergies. And next week we’ve got another acupressure piece coming your way. We’re obsessed with acupressure!

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